Rotation Students


Samantha Nyovanie (Spring 2019)

√ Rotation Student in Biophysics
√ Home: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
√ Research: I am studying structure and function of a putative lipid transporter, YebT, and its mutants via electron microscopy and complementation assays.
√ Hobbies: Dancing, cooking and hanging out with family and friends.


Juliana Ilmain (Spring 2019)

√ Rotation Student in Microbiology
√ Home: San Francisco Bay Area
√ Research: I am studying the structure-function relationship of a Staphylococcus aureus leukocidin.
√ Hobbies: Traveling, volunteering with animals, and watching reality TV.


Mark MacRae (Fall 2018)

√ Rotation Student in Biophysics
√ Home: Pembroke, Massachusetts
√ Research: I am working on characterizing a lipid transporter through protein engineering mutants, performing structural analysis by CryoEM, and assessing function by conducting complementation assays.
√ Hobbies: Binge-watching TV shows, exploring new restaurants, traveling.


max haase (Spring 2018)

√ Rotation Student in Genome Integrity
√ Home: Green Bay, Wisconsin
√ Research: My research is focused on identifying the functionally conserved regions of a lipid transporter by saturation mutagenesis
√ Hobbies: Golfing, brewing, pipetting, record collecting.





mariyah saiduddin (Spring 2018)

√ Rotation Student in Developmental Genetics
√ Home: California
√ Research: I am working on characterizing a putative lipid transporter by reconstituting it into lipid nanodiscs, and  on characterizing the cellular localization of bacterial lipid transporters.
√ Hobbies: camping, making up recipes, figure drawing


josh gutierrez (Winter 2018)

√ Rotation Student in Biophysics
√ Home: Greater Los Angeles County
√ Research: Josh worked on characterizing the putative lipid transporter, YebST, by its reconstitution into a lipid nanodisc, and mutagenesis. 
√ Hobbies: hiking, swimming, and trying out various cafes, drawing, learning a new skill, and going to music venues.


Ruoyu chen (Fall 2017)

√ Rotation Student in Biophysics
√ Born in China
√ Research: I am studying lipid transportation system on the membrane of chloroplast in Arabidopsis. I am also working on a harpoon-like invasion machinary used by a parasite called microsporidia.
√ Hobbies: staying at home and in the lab